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At VICA we provide a number of services to South African Citizens, Non South African Citizens and Foreign nationals

Administrative Civic and Immigration Services.



South African passports information and travel affidavit

Application for first time & renewal of British passports

Application for first time & renewal of Irish passports


South Africans to visit foreign countries .

Foreign nationals to visit South Africa

Ancestoral Visa for U.K.

student Visa

Visas to study.


work & business visa

Visas / Permits for foreign nationals to conduct work

Visas / Permits for foreign nationals to conduct business


Visas / Permits for permanent and temporary residence.

Retention / resumption of S.A. citizenship.


Copies of Birth, death and marriage certificate.

Licensing of motor vehicles / Roadworthy of vehicle Driving licence / Learner licence / International driver’s licence applications

Collecting of licence discs (annual renewal of vehicle licence on behalf of owner of vehicle) .

Child Unabridged Birth Certificates

Applications for unabridged birth certificates for children at R750 per application plus a R75 Government fee. A reduction for more than one child of the same family is applicable. Application includes preparation, submission of the application and collection of the certificate.

other services

Notory services.

Apostille Services

Follow up on submitted applications

International driving license

Expunction of criminal record




Tel : 021 553 0213 / Cell : 083 227 2817

Email : info@vica.melkbostravelandvisa.co.za